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the trash pack

The trash pack from Moose Enterprise has become very popular among kids because of all the funny small trashies and games you can play with them.

Like Putrid Sardine or Foul Nugget seen below

Foul Nugget





The trash pack family consist of a lot trashies where some are more common than others. The rarity are between common and exclusive figures, it is really a fun way of collecting and trying to get the rare trashies.

You can buy them in different amounts including different accessories, like this one from on

The Trash Pack 12 Trashies in Cans Includes 2 Glowing Trashies

Besides the trashies you can buy “collectors case” where you can store your trashies, a garbage truck, atomic drum ooze chamber and more to further improve the game play.

It is rather cheap to buy if you start out with a simple collection pack called “2 pack foil”, it includes 2 trashies. 2 trash cans and a collectors booklet. It’s more than enough to see if this is something that you kid(s) like.

New forum

Dear all

To be honest our forum never was a success, partly because it had problems in signing up and the interface was too difficult to figure out.

Guess what, we just had a new forum installed called Mingle, we hope that you sign up, now easily done and take part of the fun discussions about toys for your kid/kids.

Join others who look or can help you find the proper toy for your kids.

Best regards
The popular toys team.

Bakugan gundalian invaders

Bakugan gundalian invaders

The third season of the animated series – Bakugan Battle Brawlers is named Gundalian invaders, the serie runs on Cartoon Network. You can find alot of episodes and other cool Bakugan stuff here: Bakugan Online

Dan, Shun and the rest of the crew lands in the middle of a war between two different alien tribes. New characters emerge like Neathian Fabia, who belongs to a race of aliens that are able to shapeshift. Also the brave human Jake enters the scene and become friends with Dan.

bakugan gundalian invaders

Bakugan gundalian invaders is really one of the most cool part of the serie and alot of actions happens which you dont want to miss.

On the picture to the left it is Jake to the right, a very brave but sometimes using brawn instead of brain.


Pokemon toys

pokemon toysPokemon toys are very popular primary among boys from the age 6 to 12, but actually you often see younger boys and girls like em too.

The history of Pokemon (derived from Pocket monster) began in 1995 where a video game was launched for the Nintendo, it quickly became very popular and later it turned into movies, series, children books, trading cards, toys and eventually more video games.

Whether you are looking for Pokemon toy figures or trading cards you can find a broad selection of these on Amazon, heres the link. Pokemon

Happy hunting for getting the right Pokermon present for your kids.

LEGO Walkie Talkies

Sometimes kids just get into the age where they simply have to have a set of walkie talkies. I know because my own kid just came to this point for the second time in his life, now just around 6 years old.

And after some investigation I found that you could get Lego walkie talkies and just from the start I knew this would be a good gift for my kid as he also loves Lego.

Lets have a picture of the Lego walkie talkies set from Digital bluelego walkie talkies

These funny and quality walkie talkies can be bought here: Lego walkie talkies on amazon

My kid has a lot of fun playing around and making tricks on people.

Dinosaurs toys

Why this toy has been a long time favorite and why it will continue!

For a very long time the dinosaurs toys has been quite popular among kids both boys and girls.

Both small and big dinosaur figures are being made now and more and more technology included. Like some of theses can move their legs and neck and some even roar. So there is no doubt that this toy has evolved alot through the later years.

dinosaurs toys

One of the reasons for why this toy has become so popular must be because of the very popular cartoon movies called “The land before time” by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Many more movies could be mentioned like Jurassic Park and Dinosaurs from Disney.

And it’s not only dinosaurs toy figures that are popular, this toy come in all flavors like, dinosaur grabber, posters, puzzles and dinosaur excavation kits to mention some of them.

Best regards

The PT Team

Lego Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu-Dojo

Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu-Dojo

We have now tested our first Lego Ninjago kits, namely spinjitzu-dojo training set. A super exciting and beautifully executed lego set, it includes  a lot of small moving parts that can be activated. Falling axes, rotating blades and a well disguised trap door are some of the fun surprises that will make every child interested in and wanting this Lego set.

lego ninjago spinjitzu dojoThe Lego 2504 Ninjago spinjitzu-dojo set are reasonable simple to build, of course depending on the child’s age must have some help with the session, but it is certainly not the most complex Lego sets we have seen.


With the kit comes the ninja Zane, the skeleton Nuckal and Sensei Wu, so your child can start playing with the set without having already purchased other figures from the Lego Ninjao series. But I guess most have probably already purchased other sets in the Ninjago series and therefore already has figures.

LEGO spinjitzu dojo figures

Thumbs up for the Lego Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu-Dojo set. To learn more and possible buy click the following link: LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo 2504

Iron man 2 action figures

Iron man 2 action figures from Hasbro are based on the new Iron Man 2 series of action figures.

First a description from the manufacturer:

A Diamond Select Release. The build-up for next year’s sure-fire hit begins here with the only full-size action figure based on the stunning Iron Man 2 designs. Exclusively available in the Marvel Select line, this upgraded Iron Man features top-quality sculpted detail, multiple points of articulation and a bonus deluxe Armor Assembly Station base. Perfect for six-to-seven-inch action figure collections, look for the companion War Machine figure in next month’s Diamond Previews.

iron man 2 action figure