Bakugan gundalian invaders

Bakugan gundalian invaders

The third season of the animated series – Bakugan Battle Brawlers is named Gundalian invaders, the serie runs on Cartoon Network. You can find alot of episodes and other cool Bakugan stuff here: Bakugan Online

Dan, Shun and the rest of the crew lands in the middle of a war between two different alien tribes. New characters emerge like Neathian Fabia, who belongs to a race of aliens that are able to shapeshift. Also the brave human Jake enters the scene and become friends with Dan.

bakugan gundalian invaders

Bakugan gundalian invaders is really one of the most cool part of the serie and alot of actions happens which you dont want to miss.

On the picture to the left it is Jake to the right, a very brave but sometimes using brawn instead of brain.