Carrera Slot Racing

carrera slot cars

The history of Carrera:

Josef Neuhierl began producing racetracks tin toys around 1920 in Germany. But it was his son – Hermann Neuhirl who created and branded the Carrera when he in 1963 launched the Carrera Universal system, making it the first 1:32 scale racetrack. During this decade the company released larger scale models and added more accessories to Carrera racing track.

But already during late 1960’s all slot car racing manufacturers was feeling the drop of interests from customers and the Carrera company was sold. Until 1990’s the company who took over did not produce the same high quality but this changed when the Stadlbauer Group from Austria bought the company and reconstructed the product introducing the series “Carrera Exclusiv” and Carrera Go!”.

The Carrera brand is now again among the best race tracks and produces some of the best slot car racers.

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