Lego Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu-Dojo

Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu-Dojo

We have now tested our first Lego Ninjago kits, namely spinjitzu-dojo training set. A super exciting and beautifully executed lego set, it includes  a lot of small moving parts that can be activated. Falling axes, rotating blades and a well disguised trap door are some of the fun surprises that will make every child interested in and wanting this Lego set.

lego ninjago spinjitzu dojoThe Lego 2504 Ninjago spinjitzu-dojo set are reasonable simple to build, of course depending on the child’s age must have some help with the session, but it is certainly not the most complex Lego sets we have seen.


With the kit comes the ninja Zane, the skeleton Nuckal and Sensei Wu, so your child can start playing with the set without having already purchased other figures from the Lego Ninjao series. But I guess most have probably already purchased other sets in the Ninjago series and therefore already has figures.

LEGO spinjitzu dojo figures

Thumbs up for the Lego Ninjago 2504 Spinjitzu-Dojo set. To learn more and possible buy click the following link: LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo 2504

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