the trash pack

The trash pack from Moose Enterprise has become very popular among kids because of all the funny small trashies and games you can play with them.

Like Putrid Sardine or Foul Nugget seen below

Foul Nugget





The trash pack family consist of a lot trashies where some are more common than others. The rarity are between common and exclusive figures, it is really a fun way of collecting and trying to get the rare trashies.

You can buy them in different amounts including different accessories, like this one from on

The Trash Pack 12 Trashies in Cans Includes 2 Glowing Trashies

Besides the trashies you can buy “collectors case” where you can store your trashies, a garbage truck, atomic drum ooze chamber and more to further improve the game play.

It is rather cheap to buy if you start out with a simple collection pack called “2 pack foil”, it includes 2 trashies. 2 trash cans and a collectors booklet. It’s more than enough to see if this is something that you kid(s) like.